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What is Nanotechnology?


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Nanotechnology is the creation of microscopic machines called nanorobots that will manipulate atoms at the molecular level to create or change anything and everything in all facets of our lives.

Click this picture to see nanogears in action


Would you like to learn more about nanorobots, click this picture

Once this is done, we will be able to begin manufacturing simple products and work towards more complex items.

This picture to the left shows what the first nanogears will look like. These are one "nano" wide which is a billionth of a meter. These will be the first step in this new era of Nanotechnology.

First we have to be able to manipulate atoms, shown in the picture to the left. Then we will need to create tiny nanorobots to actually move the atoms called assemblers, and then create replicators which will create more assemblers and replicators. 

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