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Executive Summary


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Nanotechnology is a new technology that is going to take this century by storm. It will encompass nearly every manufacturing process we have today and change it. Even though it is still five to fifteen years away from becoming a reality, when it gets here it will change our lives dramatically. Things that seem like only science fiction today will be a reality in the near future.

In the near future we are going to reach our limitations on how small we can manufacture things. We are reaching these limitations now. We need a new technology that will change the way everything around us is made. With Nanotechnology we will be able to create things at the molecular level which will make things stronger, better, and cheaper. The possibilities of this technology are endless and will have a more profound impact on this century than TV, planes, and computers did for the past century.

These nanorobots as they called, will be able to manipulate atoms at the molecular level and create better items from scraps than we can do today with all the technology and processes we currently have. They will be able to create anything, make steel stronger for any application, cure disease, and in the more complex stages possibly even slow down the aging process.

There are pros and cons to this technology as with any new technology. As long as we set a high ethical standard of checks and balances for this before it becomes a reality, we should be able to avoid most problems or stop them before they start.