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Ken Bohn

October 1, 2003


WRT 250


Dear Newcomers:

            Nanotechnology is the combination of science and engineering which will enable us to create anything at the molecular level.  This technology will be the building block for the future.  It will enable us to create anything we want by using leftover scraps from any industry.  Scientists believe that Nanotechnology will have a more profound impact on the twenty-first century than the TV and computer did on the twentieth century. 


Nanotechnology is the creation of microscopic machines called nanorobots that manipulate atoms at the molecular level.  These machines will have the ability to move atoms and rearrange them to create something completely different.  We will need to create trillions of these nanorobots in order to create something of any real size. 


These machines are so small that trillions of them could fit into a cubic millimeter and still would not be seen by the naked eye.  The fix for this is to create assemblers which will push the atoms together, and replicators which have the specific purpose of creating more replicators and assemblers.  In this sense, each replicator made will keep doubling and in a very short time, we will have the trillions we need to start producing something. 


Before we get too excited, we need to realize that this technology is still five to fifteen years away.  The problems we need to overcome is how to manipulate atoms at the molecular level and then work on creating these microscopic machines to do the work.  Once this is accomplished, there is no limit to what this technology can do for us. 




Ken Bohn

Head of Nanotechnology Operations

New Media Ventures, LLC



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