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Pros and Cons


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What are the pros and cons to this new technology.  Many ethical dilemmas are being brought to the surface as Nanotechnology starts to get off the ground.  


  This technology will enable humankind to create anything stronger, lighter, cheaper, and better.  We will be able to use current and future "garbage" to create new things which will clean up landfills and to use recycling to a whole new level.

New jobs will be created to help offset some of the jobs that will be lost.

This technology will be able to stop disease internally, slow down the aging process and even remove harmful materials from the air we breathe.

We will no longer need to destroy the environment around us at an alarming rate. We can use left over and unused scraps of things we have already used up. These nanorobots will be able to create anything without ever destroying another forest or buying oil from foreign countries.

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  Some people will lose their jobs because of this new technology.  Most manufacturing jobs will now be done by nanorobots.

The possibility that these nanorobots could fall into the wrong hands and be used against us instead of for us.

The use of these robots in the hands of "good people" are used for the advancement of our race and not for individual gain.

A strong set of ethical standards will be necessary in order to properly govern this new technology. Some groups don't believe that we have the capability to watch this technology close enough.

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